Icelandic companies can participate directly or selectively in specific events dedicated to Icelandic export industries.

Opportunity for Icelandic companies

World Expo in Osaka 2025

World Expo in Osaka 2025

Iceland will participate in the joint Nordic Pavilion at the World Expo in Osaka, Japan, in 2025, along with Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. The focus will be on showcasing green solutions from the Nordic countries.

Opportunities for Icelandic Companies at the World Expo in Japan

  • Period: April 13 – October 13, 2025

  • Location: Osaka, Japan​

  • Expected visitors: Approximately 28 million

  • Theme: "Designing Future Society for Our Lives"

Japan is the third-largest economy in the world, offering significant business opportunities for Nordic companies. The Nordics will work together to strengthen their business relationships in this market, focusing on promoting green solutions in environmental and climate fields.

Objectives of Participation

The objectives of the joint Nordic participation at the World Expo in Osaka are threefold:

  • Increase exports to Japan and boost investments and tourism to the Nordics.

  • Enhance awareness of the Nordic countries in Japan and strengthen their position in the Japanese market.

  • Support cooperation between the Nordics and Japan.

Here is a short introductory video with an overview of the exhibition area:

The Nordic Pavilion

The joint Nordic pavilion will be located by the seaside in the "Empowering Lives" area.

  • The pavilion covers approximately 1200 m² (12,900 ft²).

  • Total of 183 opening days.

  • It is expected to receive about 13,000 visitors daily, up to 2.5 million over the exhibition period.

The pavilion consists of:​

  • Exhibition area for visitors

  • Fully equipped conference room

  • Restaurant with rooftop terrace

  • Square with food and souvenir shops

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Here you can see a drawing of the Nordic exhibition pavilion in Osaka

Corporate Involvement

Iceland has been allocated six days to use the pavilion in addition to the national day at the end of May.

Business Iceland will use these days to highlight Icelandic export industries and invite companies to participate in related events.


  • Energy and Green Solutions

  • "Our Climate Future" conference, where Icelandic companies showcase their green solutions.

  • Tourism

  • Introduce and hold a workshop with suppliers, highlighting sustainable tourism in Iceland.

  • Culture and Arts

  • An event featuring Icelandic films and music in collaboration with Film in Iceland and ÚTÓN (Iceland Music).

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The exhibition area will be very impressive and offers countless possibilities.

Icelandic companies will also have the opportunity to participate directly in the expo. Benefits of participation include:

  • Direct brand connection with both Iceland and the Nordics

  • Visibility in the pavilion and access to the conference room

  • Participation in various events under the banners of Iceland and the Nordics

  • Visibility in Icelandic and Nordic marketing communications related to the expo.

Direct Corporate Participation

Several levels of support are available for Nordic companies:

  • Platinum package with a contribution of €300,000

  • Gold €100,000

  • Silver €50,000

  • Bronze €30,000

Higher contributions ensure greater visibility and opportunities to use the pavilion and conference facilities. Direct corporate participation also offers:

  • Invitations to receptions hosted by foreign dignitaries

  • Opportunities to participate in the steering committee of the Nordic project

  • Primary sponsorship on Iceland's National Day

  • Company logo visibility in the pavilion

*What's included for Icelandic companies depends on demand and contributions.

World Expo in Osaka 2025