The Trademark



The trademark "Icelandic" stands for premium seafood products, sustainably sourced from Iceland's clean waters.

Icelandic Trademark Holding ehf.

As a nation built on fishing, Iceland's history connects to the purity and bounty of its clear, cold waters. As a government-owned entity, Icelandic takes great pride in representing and empowering Iceland's seafood industry, protecting the environment, and preserving its fishing heritage.

The company Icelandic Trademark Holding (ITH) is the owner of the Icelandic and Icelandic Seafood brands. ITH is owned by the Icelandic government, with Business Iceland overseeing the day-to-day operations. The Icelandic brand has a long, remarkable, and successful history of exporting high-quality Icelandic seafood. 

The policy of ITH is that the Icelandic brand contributes to increasing the value and facilitating market access of Icelandic seafood products in foreign markets based on quality, sustainability, and origin. ITH reinvests profits to support the Icelandic brand and strengthen the perception of Icelandic seafood.

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