9. mars 2022

The best Icelandic salted cod dish comes from Málaga!

Chefs at Bacalao de Islandia

The talented young chefs all presented delicious dishes.

Seafood from Iceland recently hosted a spectacular competition in Spain for ‘Bacalao de Islandia' where 11 young chefs cooked up their best ‘bacalao’ recipes. For centuries, Icelandic ‘bacalao’ has been considered a premium product in Spain and ingrained in the country’s traditional fish recipes.

The competition, Consurso de Escuelas Culinarias Bacalao de Islandia, was held for the second time this year in Madrid. The winner, Alba González, presented a particularly fascinating dish based on Andalusian traditions that excelled in concept, presentation, and taste.

The talented young chefs all presented delicious dishes. The competition strives to reach out to young chefs and encourage them to use quality Icelandic salted cod, embrace traditional ingredients, and develop innovative recipes for their bright culinary futures in Spain.


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