11. júní 2024

Stakeholders in the British Fishing Industry Experienced Fishermen's Day


Above is a picture of the group. The visit was part of the marketing project Seafood from Iceland, led by Business Iceland. 

In early June, Business Iceland organized a four-day visit to Iceland for The National Fish & Chips Awards 2024 winners and media personnel from the UK. The Seafood from Iceland project, a sponsor of the National Fish & Chip Awards in London, recently had the opportunity to showcase its impact. This event is often referred to as the "Oscars" for the fish & chips industry in the UK. The trip introduced them to Icelandic fish and allowed them to experience Fishermen's Day in a working Icelandic fishing village. It was part of the marketing project Seafood from Iceland, led by Business Iceland. 

In Reykjavik, Business Iceland enlightened the guests about the relations between Iceland and the UK regarding the extension of the fishing jurisdiction. They also visited Brim, a key producer of sea-frozen fillets for the British market, and received an onboard tour of the freezer trawler Vigra RE 71. Next was a visit to the Iceland Ocean Cluster and enjoyed fish and chips at the newly opened restaurant "Fish and Chips Vagninn" in Reykjavík's Grandi Harbor area, which was nominated as the best fish & chips outside the UK at The National Fish & Chips Awards in London. 

The group then headed to the beautiful Snæfellsnes Peninsula to experience firsthand the unique nature and warm hospitality of the locals. Activities included sailing and sea angling from Stykkishólmur, visiting the Maritime Museum in Hellissandur, waffle coffee with fishermen at the Gilbakki café, fish soup and plokkfiskur (a traditional Icelandic fish hash) offered by Sjávariðjan, a Fishermen's Day program in Rif, a visit to the Freezer in Rif, and a Fishermen's Day ball in Ólafsvík. The guests had a full itinerary in Snæfellsnes. They also experienced Icelandic culinary delights on a world-class level where Icelandic fish was, naturally, the centerpiece. 

Among the guests on the trip were Kevin Mitchell and Charlotte Mitchell, owners of "Knight's Fish Restaurant," selected as the best fish & chips restaurant in the UK in 2024. This was the couple's first trip to Iceland, and they said, "Since we have returned home, we have proudly told our customers all about Iceland and what we learned about cod and the fishing industry in Iceland. I also told them I was on the trawler that caught the fish they were about to eat. Winning these awards has been a great experience for us, but the opportunity to visit Iceland was the icing on the cake!", said Kevin and Charlotte about their experience. 

The guests from the UK received a warm welcome wherever they went. Now they are back home in Glastonbury, Belfast, London, Bath, and other places with a great story to tell about Iceland, Icelandic fish, and all the wonderful people they met. 

Below are some pictures from the visit.

Stakeholders in the British Fishing Industry Experienced Fishermen's Day

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