29. janúar 2024

Icelandic Technology in the Global Press


Here, the group visits Höfuðstöðin Art Center Iceland and the home of CHromo Sapiens by Icelandic artist SHOPLIFTER

In November, Business Iceland organized an Icelandic press trip for foreign journalists to learn more about Reykjavik Science City (RSC). RSC is a collaborative project involving Business Iceland, the City of Reykjavik, the University of Iceland, Reykjavik University, the National Hospital, and the Science Park to promote Iceland as an inviting and leading location for innovation and technological innovation.

In recent years, RSC has supported various projects and has welcomed numerous foreign journalists. The press trip connected with the TCI Global Conference in Reykjavik on November 7-9, 2023. and the journalists had the opportunity to participate in the conference. In addition, Business Iceland organized presentations and numerous meetings between the journalists and representatives of the Icelandic innovation and technology sector. Naturally, the journalists also had the opportunity to experience the best that Iceland offers in terms of food and entertainment and to learn about the country's history and its people. Particular emphasis was placed on equality, with the group, among other things, going on a women's history walk, meeting with female investors, and attending the Nordic Women in Tech Awards ceremony.

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From the women's walk in Reykjavik with historian, poet, and guide Kristín Svava Tómasdóttir. 

The participants included outlets such as Business Insider, Fintechly, Femtech World, Health Tech World, Provoke FM, Diginomica, and Forbes. Here is a selection of articles published after the press trip that cover many interesting aspects of Iceland:

Icelandic Technology in the Global Press

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