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Film in Iceland

Film in Iceland

Stunning locations and generous incentives

Iceland's scenic variety will take you away

Film in Iceland's mission is to promote Iceland's unique locations, 35% reimbursement of production costs, and professional service companies with experience in undertaking large-scale projects with complex logistics. Film in Iceland works closely with foreign producers to assist them as much as possible in making their production in Iceland a reality.  

Iceland's stunning, otherworldly landscapes serve as filming locations that inspire both mythical worlds or distant planets. Time can shift in Iceland with natural settings capable of representing our planet's geological birth, a medieval past, or a dystopian future! Iceland's extreme versatility has stood in for the Himalayas, the Pacific island of Iwo Jima, Siberia, northern Westeros, Greenland, post-apocalyptic earth, and planets in a galaxy far, far away! 

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Film projects in Iceland

Film projects have been a tremendous boost to the Icelandic economy. The number of jobs associated with large-scale productions can number in the hundreds, with thousands of overnight stays sold, catering and meal planning, car and equipment rentals, and many other ancillary services. 


There is tremendous cooperation between Business Iceland and foreign producers in promoting Iceland in the run-up to the film premieres of projects shot in Iceland, which consequently benefits tourism. 

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Film in Iceland