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Export sectors

Export sectors

Business Iceland is continually working to support the international reach of the five sectors: Energy & Green Solutions; Innovation & Technology; Creative Industries; Tourism; and Fisheries & Food.

Geothermal zone in Iceland

Energy & green solutions

Renewable energy has long been a cornerstone of Icelandic industry and foreign exchange. The knowledge and experience of Icelandic companies in sustainable energy have also promoted exciting innovations for green solutions used worldwide.

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Sound engineer at Reykjavík Science City

Innovation & technology

Icelandic innovations, ingenuity, and technologies are an increasingly critical export factor with the potential for exponential growth.

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Icelandic singer

Creative industries

Icelandic arts and creative industries have spread the country’s reputation far and wide. There has been strong growth in the export value of creative industries in recent years.

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Mission Iceland: man relaxing in Sky Lagoon


Tourism has grown exponentially in Iceland in recent years and is now one of the main pillars of the country’s export earnings.

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Icelandic harbor

Fisheries & Food

Business Iceland is responsible for a wide range of marketing and promotional activities for Icelandic seafood and food to increase awareness of Iceland as a country of origin and promote positivity towards Icelandic products.

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