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The Icelandic fisheries industry and fisheries technology have long been the backbone of Icelandic economy and exports.

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For the longest time, the Icelandic fisheries industry has been our most powerful export sector and a pillar of the nation’s foreign currency acquisition. However, the growth of the sector is limited by nature, and it is therefore necessary to increase the value of Icelandic seafood products through co-ordinated marketing activities based on origin, sustainability and innovation.

Business Iceland is responsible for a wide range of marketing and promotional activities for Icelandic seafood to increase awareness of Iceland as a country of origin and promote positivity towards Icelandic seafood. We also present Iceland as an ideal place to trade in fisheries technology – whether it concerns solutions related to fishing, processing or maximum utilisation

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Seafood from Iceland

Icelandic fisheries companies have united under the slogan Seafood from Iceland to increase export value with a single label of origin. The project is also intended to promote Icelandic origin and increase positivity towards Icelandic seafood.

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