Export and investment division

The Exports and Investments division is responsible for Business Iceland’s services to companies and stakeholders.

The Export and Investments Division works according to Iceland’s Export Policy and provides counseling and services to all export sectors to facilitate the marketing and export of products and services. Services are provided within six priority areas. Program directors work with each priority and lead the professional work of project groups in the priorities. In addition, the program director of Export Services and the program director of Investments work within the division across priorities.

The division works to attract foreign investment to Iceland through targeted marketing, acts as a representative for general inquiries regarding Iceland as a platform for foreign investment, and provides general advice to the Icelandic government on attracting foreign investment.

The division provides services to export companies through counseling, consisting of suggestions on suitable markets or information on market areas. In addition, the division establishes relationships with specialized advisors, suggests trade fairs, provides access to databases, and strengthens business relations with Icelandic companies abroad. The division organizes the participation of Icelandic companies in trade fairs, trade shows, or business delegations. It handles the execution of such events abroad in collaboration with the Marketing Communications Division.

The partnership with Business Sweden enables Icelandic companies to take advantage of comprehensive consulting services for entry and growth in foreign markets. Various services are available and valuable for all companies planning to expand. The division also oversees the activities of trade representatives who work in embassies abroad, works with trade representatives on projects in foreign markets, and directs the making of contracts for their work.

Exports and investments