Business Iceland's Code of Conduct

This code of conduct applies to all activities of Business Iceland and board members, members of professional councils, steering groups, marketing groups, and project boards run by Business Iceland, employees, managers, and those contractors who carry out specific tasks under the auspices of Business Iceland.

This code of conduct is based on Business Iceland's Policy and Human resources policy. The code of conduct provides guidelines for the execution of daily work with the interests of Business Iceland and its customers at the forefront.

Business Iceland's HR Policy Motto: With us, ideas are created and implemented. Nothing is impossible, and new ideas and new approaches are welcomed. Our workplace is a melting pot of expertise, simultaneously enveloping, fun, challenging, international, and creative.

Our code of conduct defines the ethical values that we honor in our activities.

  • We respect and are bound by a duty of confidentiality regarding whatever we become aware of in our work, which should be kept confidential according to the nature of the case and the interests of Business Iceland, customers, and other stakeholders.

  • We do not use the information we gather in our work for our benefit or the benefit of individual shareholders or related parties.

  • We are professional and reliable and adopt good business and governance practices.

  • We promote ourselves and work following the laws and regulations that apply to the activities of Business Iceland and the internal rules that Business Iceland has set.

  • We treat stakeholders and colleagues respectfully and show fairness and equality. We respect communication boundaries and have zero tolerance for bullying, violence, gender-based harassment, or sexual harassment.

  • We do not participate in work, projects, or discussions that may damage the reputation of Business Iceland and reduce trust in its activities.

  • We reduce the risk of conflicts of interest and ensure that our personal reputation does not negatively affect the reputation of Business Iceland.

  • We disclose matters that may cause conflicts of interest in our work and issues that may concern our independence, impartiality, or work duties. When necessary, we actively cooperate in processing cases involving potential conflicts of interest.

A reasonable suspicion of violating Business Iceland's Code of Conduct concerning a board member, committee member, or managing director will be processed according to Business Iceland's eligibility and reputational risk rules.

These Rules were approved at Business Iceland's board meeting on 18 May 2022.

Business Iceland's Code of conduct