Business development and operations

Business development is a support division that deals with developing Business Iceland’s services to industries and companies and conducting analyses. The division is responsible for developing services for Icelandic companies due to operations in developing countries and elsewhere at Business Iceland’s Heimstorg.

The division oversees the work of the Export and Marketing Council and is responsible for Iceland’s Export Policy, its implementation, and performance measures. The division manages Business Iceland’s internal and external improvement projects, including operational issues, in collaboration with the Finance and Operations Division. The division is responsible for the operation of Icelandic Trademark Holding. The division also provides counseling regarding the organization and maintenance of trade shows that Business Iceland participates in abroad.

The division is responsible for Iceland’s competitiveness in cooperation with the Export and Investments Division, relations with public bodies, and overall labor market organizations. The division professionally supervises the legal resolution matters of Business Iceland, handles relations with law firms for legal services, and is responsible for all of Business Iceland’s negotiations with domestic and foreign parties.