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Business Iceland employs individuals with diverse experience in its key sectors.


Business Iceland is responsible for the branding and marketing of Iceland and Icelandic export industries. It supports Icelandic companies in entering foreign markets and facilitates foreign investment in the Icelandic economy. Business Iceland's services are based on extensive experience, specialization, and professionalism.

Business Iceland's Board of Directors

Business Iceland is a public-private organization and the board consists of seven representatives appointed at the general meeting for three-year terms. The Minister for Foreign Affairs nominates two board members, and the Minister of Culture and Business Affairs, one member, and the Confederation of Icelandic Employers four members. An executive board of seven members manages Business Iceland. Four of the members are drawn from the private sector, and three are appointed by the government.

Here are the board members:

  • Áshildur Bragadóttir

  • Ásthildur Otharsdóttir

  • Helga Árnadóttir

  • Hildur Árnadóttir (chairman)

  • Jens Garðar Helgason

  • Unnur Valborg Hilmarsdóttir

See also Business Iceland's Rules of procedure for the board

Business Iceland's organizational chart

Business Iceland's activities are in one main area, exports and investments, and three supporting areas; 

  • Marketing communications

  • Business development and operations

  • Finance

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Exports and investments

The exports and investments sector is the core of Business Iceland's services to companies and stakeholders. Business Iceland works according to Iceland's export policy and provides advice and services to all export sectors to facilitate the marketing and export of goods and services.

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Marketing communications

The marketing communications department supports the preparation, strategic planning, and implementation of Business Iceland's marketing efforts in collaboration with the exports and investments department. Marketing communications is responsible for Business Iceland's brands and ensures messaging coordination across priorities.

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Development and operations

Business Iceland's business development and operations support the development of services for industries and companies and conducting analyses. The department is responsible for developing and expanding services for Icelandic companies in developing countries and elsewhere under Business Iceland Heimstorg.

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The financial department ensures that Business Iceland's finances are in accordance with regulations, goals, and objectives.

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