Equal rights

The equality policy of Business Iceland

The equality policy of Business Iceland

At Business Iceland, we aim at a comfortable and stimulating work environment

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Article 5 of the Equality Act states that an equality plan must contain a statement on the rights listed in Articles 6 and 12–14. They deal specifically with equal pay, vacancies, occupational training, retraining, continuing education, the coordination of family and professional life, and how employers and managers shall prevent gender-related violence, discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment.

Paragraph 1, Article 1 of Act No. 86/2018 states that it is illegal to discriminate between individuals, directly or indirectly, based on race, national origin, religion, basic life values, disability, impaired work ability, age, gender proclivity, gender identity, gender characteristics or gender expression.

The average number of staff at Business Iceland is 40.

HR Representative: Inga Björg Hjaltadóttir.


With this equality policy, the management and staff join in the determined goal of working towards general and gender equality as well as that of other groups—with the interests of all in mind.

Quality, work experience, and hiring

We strive to establish work experience requirements where the role and responsibilities of staff are made clear.

We run an informed workplace where continual education and training are emphasized.

- We are all responsible for educating ourselves and maintaining our competence.

- We organize staff training based on the needs of Business Iceland for the expertise and ability of the staff in light of the role of the office and its tasks.

-  We use expertise in our activities and thereby ensure that the required results are ascertained from the education we invest in.

We warmly welcome new staff members.

We emphasize recruiting competent, ambitious, and results-oriented staff members in our hiring.

Vacancies are equally open to women and men and people without registered gender identity in the National Register, however, as stipulated in paragraph 2, Article 16.

We treat hiring and employment cessation in a professional manner.

The work environment

At Business Iceland, we aim for a comfortable and stimulating work environment.

The workplace organization takes account of the needs of our tasks and staff, laws and regulations, and the limits of our space and finances at each time.

We seek to provide good access and workspace convenient to all, irrespective of gender or persons with physical or mental impairments.

Employment emoluments, equality and family responsibilities, persecution and harassment

The emoluments at Business Iceland take account of the workload, the stress involved, ability and results of the staff.

Staff members can request a pay review interview once a year. The manager conducts these interviews.

Business Iceland is an equal-opportunity workplace.

We take care not to let our tasks be classified into male and female jobs, and we ceaselessly work on equalizing the gender ratio in our teams.

Business Iceland has regard towards people with a neutral gender identity registration in the National Register.

When hiring, we endeavor to hire the most qualified person and not discriminate by gender, race, national origin, religion, basic life values, disability, impaired work ability, age, gender proclivity, gender identity, gender characteristics, or gender expression.

We welcome all genders at Business Iceland.

At Business Iceland, the working hours are flexible. We try to organize work so that all staff, irrespective of gender, can manage their job, family responsibility, and private life with cooperation and resilience.

All genders have an equal opportunity to develop in their job and educate themselves.

Women, men, and persons with a neutral gender registry in the National Register receive the same pay for the same or equally valuable work as others, irrespective of gender, age, or other immaterial factors, cf. Act No. 86/2018.

We prevent a gender pay difference.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for personal persecution, violence, or sexual harassment at Business Iceland. We have a response plan in effect if suspicion arises of personal persecution, violence, or harassment in the workplace.

We set up an action plan for the human resource policy of Business Iceland for each year, including an equal opportunity plan.

Personal persecution, sexual harassment, gender harassment, and violence are investigated annually in an anonymous survey among the staff.

Business Iceland is in the process of acquiring an equal pay certification which will, along with other equality aspects of this human resource policy, be reviewed and revised if needed.

This equality policy is based on the Equality Act No. 150/2020 and Act No. 86/2018 on Equal Treatment in the Labour Market.

Equality policy of Business Iceland