• Trade with Iceland

    Promote Iceland offers the business community various marketing and trade promotional services, including the organisation of trade fairs and business delegations, in-depth consulting, training programmes and market information.

  • Invest in Iceland

    Iceland presents international businesses and investors with a wide range of opportunities for investments. Iceland offers an attractive fiscal and tax environment for international organisations. Positive attitude and a new Act on Incentives for Initial Investments in Iceland offers investors a range of possibilities.

  • Tourism

    The department of Tourism and Creative Industries aims to attract tourists to the country with co-ordinated promotion and marketing efforts for the Icelandic tourism industry and promotes Icelandic culture abroad

  • About

    Promote Iceland aims to enhance Iceland‘s good image and reputation, to support the competitive standing of Icelandic industries in foreign markets, to attract foreign tourists and investments to the country, and assist in the promotion of Icelandic culture abroad.

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