Strategy and objectives

Our objectives are to strengthen the image of Iceland as a pure source of wholesome food produce and increase interest in Icelandic food products and Icelandic culinary culture. The aim is to enhance exports, increase value creation, and foreign currency earnings from food, fisheries, and agricultural products.

We focus on long term value creation in food, fisheries, and agriculture industries in our marketing and PR activities. We analyse market opportunities and bring together companies, public organisations, and other stakeholders in marketing projects to make a stronger impact in marketing and promotion. We work towards the following objectives:

  • Analyse needs and find market opportunities
  • Exercise long term strategy to optimise value for the industry and companies
  • Bring together companies and stakeholders in marketing projects
  • Promotion and marketing projects
  • Cooperate with private companies, public organisations, and other marketing initiatives
  • Assist and guide individual companies
  • Build a strong network in Iceland and in foreign markets
  • Close cooperation with other divisions within Promote Iceland; Iceland Naturally, Inspired by Iceland etc., as well as with the Icelandic embassies abroad.