The objective is to strengthen the market position for salted cod products from Iceland in key markets; Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

Emphasis of the marketing of the Secret of Icelandic salted cod is on:

  • Strengthening the good image of Icelandic salted fish products by promoting the origin, quality, and pureness of the products
  • Strengthening the relationship with key customers, buyers, and distributors, and cooperate in marketing
  • Creating further interest and demand for Icelandic salted fish products and gain new consumers

The contributing factors:

  • The environment in Iceland - nature, clean air, and clean waters
  • The origin and the image of Iceland - associate with the strong image of Iceland in general
  • Traditions - both business relations between the nations for over a century, family traditions related to the consumption of ‘Bacalao’ in the markets, and the tradition producing the ‘Bacalao’ in Iceland
  • The successful cooperation between all parties involved – the fishermen, the producers, the importers, and the distributors

This can all be captured in one sentence:
It takes an Icelandic village to make quality salted cod.

The action plan is to encourage people to taste and share the secret of Icelandic salted cod.

Marketing activities include:

  • General PR on the focus markets and press trips to Iceland
  • Use of digital and social media
  • Taste events on the markets
  • Educate young chefs
  • Invite chefs and influencers to Iceland to experience Iceland, the country of origin

Project managers: Bjorgvin Thor Bjorgvinsson, bjorgvin@islandsstofa.is and Kristinn Bjornsson kristinnb@islandsstofa.is

Social Media

Digital media - Spain

Digital media – Portugal

Digital media – Italy