Iceland Responsible Fisheries

The fishing industry in Iceland was united in developing the Iceland Responsible Fisheries programme (IRF), to promote the Icelandic origin of the seafood and well-managed fisheries in Icelandic waters.

The logo of origin for Icelandic seafood and certification of Iceland's responsible fisheries serves as a marketing tool, providing both producers and sellers of Icelandic seafood an opportunity to demonstrate their initiative in meeting market demands for sustainably sourced seafood. The IRF certification confirms responsible fisheries management and good treatment of marine resources.

The Iceland Responsible Fisheries Foundation owns and operates the brand of Iceland Responsible Fisheries. An agreement has been made with Promote Iceland about marketing and promotion of the IRF programme.

Companies in the value chain of Icelandic seafood can apply to join the Iceland Responsible Fisheries programme and to use the logo of origin in promoting seafood from Iceland. The logo indicates Icelandic origin of fish catches in Icelandic waters, and responsible fisheries management. Members can use IRF marketing material to promote the origin of seafood from Iceland, and cooperate in marketing activities.

Promote Iceland operates a seafood advisory committee that sets the aims and reviews the marketing plan of the IRF programme on a regular basis. The committee is comprised of people from the fishing companies, processors and marketing and sales companies, as well as a person from the Ministry of Industries and Innovation.


Further information: Björgvin Þór Björgvinsson, bjorgvin@promoteiceland.is