Horses of Iceland

Stakeholders in the Icelandic horse community developed a strategic marketing plan to increase the awareness, and strengthen the image of the Icelandic horse in international markets.

The objective is to make more people aware of the excellent qualities of the Icelandic horse, all over the world. The focus is not only on the horse itself, but also on services and horse related products, with the aim to enlarge the Icelandic horse community and to make the industry more profitable.

The brand “Horses of Iceland - bring you closer to nature” should be understood in a broad context, as a common denominator for all the diverse activities related to the Icelandic horse and the community of riders the world over.

A strategy for the next four years has been developed. Target groups and areas have been identified, and emphasis in activities and communication has been defined. Web, digital and social media are all vital factors for the plan, with the website horsesoficeland.is, and using the hashtag #horsesoficeland on social medias.

Through an international „Day of the Icelandic horse“, members of the Icelandic horse community all over the world will be encouraged to take someone along for a ride on their fantastic horses and share their experience on social media. Clubs, associations and municipalities are encouraged to make a great use of this day to portray the wonderful qualities on the Icelandic horse – spending quality time with friends and families - bringing you closer to nature!


Project manager: Jelena Ohm. Contact Jelena