The Icelandic horse - imprinted by origin

The Icelandic horse - imprinted by origin

14. apríl 2011

Horses bred in Iceland are special. Shaped by the wide open spaces of Icelandic nature, roaming free in open fields and highlands.

Foals will follow their mothers for the first few months of their lives, sometimes longer, later raised in a herd where they learn to live in a group and find their place in the chain of command.

This manner of raising horses is the key to shaping the personality and character of the Icelandic Horse. These horses will treat humans with respect as they have only been handled occasionally and they learn to behave within the herd. The outcome is a spirited and forward going horse with much respect for the rider.

The Icelandic landscape also plays a major role in shaping a sure-footed and muscular horse, toughened by harsh weather and wide open spaces. The horse is a part of nature in Iceland and the forces of nature are found in the horse. Freedom, energy and pride are the elements that make up this remarkable horse breed that is truly imprinted by orgin.

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