Inspired by Iceland
02.02.2011 |

Design March - March 24-27, 2011

The Iceland Design Center is proud to present the upcoming DesignMarch
taking place 24–27 of March, bringing the awakening of spring and the growth
in Icelandic design. DesignMarch is a four day design festival in Reykjavík
featuring an extensive and impressive programme where a profusion of events,
stimulating lectures and exhibitions reflect the diversity of Icelandic design
and architecture.

Highlighting a discussion on design in times of changes we are proudly welcoming
leading designers and lecturers to the festival.

During DesignMarch, you will get the opportunity to explore a variety of inspiring projects.
We welcome you to march with us and celebrate a design feast in Reykjavík and look
forward to seeing you at DesignMarch 2011.

Til baka
Íslandsstofa  |  Sundagarðar 2, 104 Reykjavík  |  Sími 511 4000  |  Fax 511 4040  |  Afgreiðslutími: 8.30-16.30  |