Strategic marketing and promotion

Stakeholders in the Icelandic horse community developed a strategic marketing plan to increase the awareness, and strengthen the image of the Icelandic horse in international markets. The objective is to make more people aware of the good qualities of the Icelandic horse, all over the world. The focus will not only be on the horse itself, but also on services, and horse related products, with the aim to enlarge the Icelandic horse community and to have more profitable businesses in this industry.

The project started in 2015 with workshops in Iceland and interviews with people in the Icelandic horse community in many other countries; to review and gather insights for the strategy process, and to build the brand of the Icelandic horse. People in the Icelandic horse community took active part, both in the workshops and in giving valuable input. Data, statistics, reports and research on the subjects were reviewed, and all of this was used by the marketing consultant to develop the brand strategy - the vision, positioning statement, brand pillars and character.

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The brand Horses of Iceland should be understood in broad context and as a common denominator for all the diverse activities related to the Icelandic horse and the community of riders the world over. An activation plan for the strategy has been developed for the next four years. Target groups and areas have been established, and emphasis in activities and communication has been defined. Web, digital and social media are vital in the plan, with the website, and hashtag #horsesoficeland in the social media.

In the year 2016, the focus will be on building the brand and increasing awareness amongst the Icelandic horse community and people travelling to Iceland. Through an international Day of the Icelandic Horse, which was held on May 1, members of the Icelandic horse community the world over were encouraged to take someone along for a ride on their fantastic horses and share their experiences on social media. Clubs, municipalities, and countries were encouraged to make great use of this day to portray the wonderful qualities on the Icelandic horse; spending quality time with friends and families - bringing you closer to nature!

This project is co funded by the industry and Icelandic Government. The Government will contribute ISK 25 million per year for four years and ISK 25 million or more will come from the people in the Icelandic horse community and industry. It is now up to all of us to make the most of this great opportunity and give the Icelandic horse the international attention it deserves!

We invite people to join forces and invest in this big opportunity. Participation in this projects guarantees great benefits:

·       Your participation and your contribution is beneficial to the project and sharing ideas will mean better results.
·       The people participating in the project can have input and will be invited to join meetings three to four times a year to discuss the marketing strategy and activities.
·       The opportunity to influence and shape marketing procedures.
·       Receive information about all marketing procedures and results from market research, as well as training in various areas of expertise.
·       Network with other participants.
·       Visibility and information about the participant on various platforms; i.e. logo and link on the projects website, visibility at events, being part of information material used for press and media packages with direct email contact.
·       The possibility to connect marketing procedures with various events, such as Landsmót and the World Championships where the project will be presented.
·       Permission to feature the project (Horses of Iceland – bring you closer to nature) on one´s website with direct link to project´s website.
·       Other opportunities which will evolve in correlation with the participant.

The project is open for participation; you can download the participation agreement here. Please fill in the form, sign, scan and send to Jelena Ohm, who is happy to give any further information. You can also call Tel. +354 511 4000 at Promote Iceland / Íslandsstofa