With a steady increase in the number of foreign tourists during the past decades, Iceland has now reached a milestone. As of 2015 the number of foreign visitors has exceeded 1 Million, and tourism is responsible for a share of nearly 30 percent of the country's export revenue. As a result, tourism has leapfrogged industrial products as the country’s most valuable source of currency income.

In recent years Iceland has enjoyed greater exposure from increased attention in the international media than ever before. Events such as a volcanic eruption in Europe's biggest glacier, Vatnajökull and recently in Eyjafjallajökull, countless triumphs of pop-artists like Björk, Sigur Rós and Of  Monsters and Men, have all attracted media attention to Iceland in recent years.

By visiting iceland you’ll experience wilderness and wildlife, energy and total calm, within easy reach wherever you stay, even on day trips. You can interact with Iceland’s world of natural wonders in endless ways.

Some activities, such as swimming in geothermally heated pools, are part of the everyday lifestyle. Others are ideal ways to relax from the stress and cares of modern life. Yet others offer you the challenge of the mightiest forces that nature can muster.

Tourists are motivated to visit Iceland in order to benefit from an unusual holiday within Europe. The Icelandic countryside offers a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year, while the city of Reykavík has become a popular weekend destination.

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